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Published: 27.02.2018

Science of prognostication- A branch of learning, which prognosticate the auspicious-inauspicious events, profit-loss etc. pertaining to past, present and future, on the basis of voice (svara), lakṣaṇa (lucky or auspicious marks on the body) etc... E.g., -Aṅganimitta (Nimitta based on body- marks), Svaranimitta (Nimitta based on voice) etc...

aṃgaṃ saro lakkhaṇaṃ ca vaṃjaṇaṃ suviṇo tahā.

chiṇṇa bhommaṃ'talikkhāe emee aṭṭha āhiyā... ee mahānimittā u aṭṭha saṃparikittiyā. eehiṃ bhāvānajjamti tītā'nāgaya-saṃpayā... iṃdiehiṃdiyatthehiṃ, samādhāṇaṃ ca appaṇo. ṇāṇaṃ pavattae jamhā, ṇimittaṃ teṇa āhiyaṃ...

(Aṃvi 1. 2, 3, 13)

See - Mahānimittajñatā.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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