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Published: 06.02.2018
Updated: 07.02.2018

The sixth variety of Pravacananihnavas (the apostasy which disowns (or denies) any one doctrine propounded by the Āgama (2) (canonical work) (and propounds his own)); the view (put forward by an apostate), which denies the truth; that apostate who (does not accept Mahāvīra's doctrine of Dvairāsikavāda i.e., there are only two general sets of objects viz., Jīva (soul or animate) and Ajīva (non-soul or inanimate); instead of this, he asserts the doctrine that there are three general sets of objects, viz., Jīva, Ajīva and Nojīva (i.e., neither Jīva, nor Ajīva).

jīvājīvanojīvabhedāstrayo rāśayaḥ sanuīhṛtāstrirāśiḥ. Tatprayojanaṃ yeṣāṃ te trairāśikāḥ, rāśitrayakhyāpakā ityarthaḥ.

(Sthā 7.140 Vṛ Pa 413)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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