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Published: 06.02.2018

The Tripadī (triplet) of terms viz., Utpāda (origination), Vyaya (cessation) and Dhrauvya (persistence); the set of the these three terms, (which stands for the reality (sat)), is expounded by the Tirthaṅkara (ford-founder) (in his exposition on the nature of reality) and on the basis of which the Gaṇadharas (3) (composer of the canonical works) compose the Dvādaśāṅga (the twelve Aṅgas (principal canonical works)).

uppaṇṇe i vā, vigame i vā dhuve i vā, etā eva tisro niṣadyāḥ, āsāmeva sakāśād gaṇabhṛtām 'utpāda- vyayadhrauvyayuktaṃ sadi' ti pratītirupajāyate, anyathā sattā'yogāt, tatas'ca te piīrvabhavabhā- vitamatayo dvādaśāngamuparacayanti.

(ĀvaNi 735 HāVṛ p. 185)

tihiṃ nisejjāhiṃ coddasapuvvāṇi uppāditāṇi. kiṃ ca vāgareti bhagavaṃ? uppanne vigate dhuve- etāo tinni nisejjāo. uppanne tti je uppannimā bhā- vā te uvāgacchaṃti. vigate tti te vigatissabhāvā te vigacchaṃti. dhuvāje aviṇāsadhammiṇo.

(ĀvaNi 735 p. 370)



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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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