Cāturyāma Dharma

Published: 11.01.2018

The monastic discipline prescribed in the form of the four vows, viz., Prāṇātipātaviramaṇa (abstinence from violence), Mṛṣāvādaviramaṇa (abstinence from telling lies). Adattādānaviramaṇa (abstinence from stealing) and Bāhyādānaviramaṇa (abstinence from sex) for the ascetic in the time-period of twenty-two (intervening) Tirthaṅkaras (ford-founders) (i.e., from 2nd to 23rd).

cāturyāmaḥ - mahāvratacatuṣṭayātmako yo dharmaḥ.

(U23.12 ŚāVṛ Pa 499)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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