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Yoga A New Life Style: Table of Contents [Book]

Published: 06.09.2017



Preface iii
Publisher's Note vi
Great Experiences with Yogasana 1
A Glimpse of Human Body System  5
Importance of Human Body 7
Importance of Asana 10
Asanas: Broad Divisions 13
Asana: Precautions 16
Shavanasana: Kayotsarg (Sleeping Posture) 19
Pavanmuktasana (Releasing Residual Air Posture) 21
Uttanpadasana (The Raised Leg Pose) 27
Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand or Supported all limbs pose)  31
Halasana (Plough Posture)  36
Matsyasana (Fish Posture)  40
Makarasana (Crocodile Posture)  43
Bhujangasana (Snake Posture)  45
Shalbhasana (Locust Posture) 49
Dhanurasana (Bow Posture) 53
Hrdayastabhasana (Heat Retention Posture) 56
Naukasana (Boat Posture) 59
Sukhasana (Pleasure Posture) 61
Swastikasana (Sfi Posture) 63
Padmasana (Lotus Posture) 66
Yogmudrasana (Union Posture) 70
Baddh-Padmasana (Tied Lotus Posture) 73
Utthith-Padmasana (Uplifted Posture)  75
Utkutasana (Squatting Posture) 77
Gauduhasana (Cow Milking Posture) 80
Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fish Posture) 83
Matsyendrasana (Lord of the Fish Posture) 86
Ushtrasana (Camel Posture) 89
Vajrasana (Formidable Posture) 92
Suptvajrasana (Sleeping Formidable Posture) 96
Janushirasana (Knee Touching Forehead Posture) 99
Paschimotanasana (Forehead Touching Knee Posture) 101
Brahmacharyasana (Eternal Spirit Posture) 104
Siddhasana (Desire Conquered Posture) 107
Kukutasana (Cock Posture) 111
Hansasana (Bakasana) (Swan Posture) 113
Singhasana (Lion Posture)  115
Shashankasana (Rabbit Posture)  118
Tulasana (Weighing Scale Posture)  121
Gaumukhasana (Cowface Posture)   123
Sampadasana (Balanced Posture)  126
Tadasana (Palm Tree Posture)   129
Konasana (Angle Posture)  132
Padhastasana (Hands Touching Feet Posture)  135
Trikonasana (Triangle Posture)   138
Mahaveerasana (Warrior-power Posture)  141
Hastishundikasana (Trunk of an Elephant)   143
Madhypada Shirasana (Head between Legs Posture)  145
Garudasana (Eagle Posture)   148
Ishtvandanasana-Suryanamaskar (Reverend Diety Posture) 151
Shirshasana (Head Down Posture)  160
Mayurasana (Peacock Posture)   164
Chakrasana (Wheel Posture)   167
Ardh Shankh Prakshalana (Half Conch Posture)  170
Udianasana (Digestive Posture)   174
Pranayam (Breathing Exercise)  176

Title: Yoga A New Life Style
Muni Kishan Lal
Translator: Smt. Mickey Singh
Editor: Dr Abha
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017, 1st edition

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  1. Asana
  2. Asanas
  3. Bhujangasana
  4. Body
  5. Chakrasana
  6. Dhanurasana
  7. Halasana
  8. Janushirasana
  9. Kayotsarg
  10. Makarasana
  11. Matsyasana
  12. Naukasana
  13. Padmasana
  14. Pranayam
  15. Shashankasana
  16. Shirshasana
  17. Siddhasana
  18. Singhasana
  19. Tadasana
  20. Vajrasana
  21. Yogasana
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