Journey into Jainism: The Value of Truthfulness

Published: 27.09.2017

Anand was one of the most prominent shraavaks of Lord Mahaveer. He accepted the twelve vows for a householder. He had twelve million gold coins and forty thousand cows. He used to observe one fast in a fortnight and did pausadha.

He observed his vows very carefully and during the last days of his life,he undertook the fast unto death. Due to purity of thoughts he achieved avadhi-gyana.

During those days Mahavir came there. Gautama Swami, the chief disciple, went to the village to collect alms.

Anand said, "I have achieved Avadhi-gyaana. I have achieved the capacity to know distant things happening in all direction."

When he heard about the avadhi-gyana of Anand, he came to see him. Anand paid Gautama the proper respects and asked, "Lord! Is it possible to have avadhi-gyana during the lifelong fast?"

"It's not possible in the case of a householder," answered Gautama. Anand said, "I have achieved avadhi-gyana. I have achieved the capacity to know distant things happening in all directions."

Hearing this Gautama was awe-struck and said, "A householder cannot have such high capacity to know the objects. You have spoken an untruth, so you have to observe praayaschitta for lying."

"Should one who speaks the truth undergo repen­tance or should the other who tells the lie?" asked Anand politely.

Gautama said, "Of course the latter one."

Anand replied, "Then, Sir, you will have to repent."

Gautama straightaway went to Mahaavir and asked about the capacity of a lay follower to attain avadhi-gyana. Mahavir said that Anand had indeed gotten avadhi-gyana.

"You have not spoken the truth," Mahavir repri­manded him, "so go to Anand and beg his forgiveness."

Gautama returned to Anand's home and apologized for his utterance. Anand continued the life-long fast for one more month. Then he left the body and became a denizen of heaven.


Title: Journey into Jainism
Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha (Samani Smit Pragya)
Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun, India
Edition: 2012

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