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Published: 01.03.2017
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JAINA Convention 2017

Jai Jinendra!

Gunvant Shah, Convener, JAINA Convention 2017 The JAINA Convener, JAINA Convention Board and JAINA Executive Committee members are pleased to extend our heartiest invitation to you, your family and friends to attend the 19th Biennial JAINA Convention, a premier event bringing the Jain Community and their friends together in Edison, New Jersey from June 30th to July 4, 2017. This is first time we are having JAINA Convention for 5 days and around 5,000 to 6,000 participants are anticipated in this upcoming convention.

With popular demand, deadline for low Registration rate of $269 for Adult and $169 for Child and Youth (age 6 to 17) for JAINA Convention 2017 is extended by JAINA Convention Board until February 28, 2017 even beyond 2500 registrations. After the date the price will go up to $299 for Adult and $189 for Child and Youth (age 6 to 17). Please note that actual cost is $ 400 per person. Please avail this opportunity and register before the fees goes up.

Please encourage children and youths to register and take part in Kids Club, Youth Activities (YA), YJP and Jain Milan. A special wrist band and a special ID will be issued ONLY to those who register for these programs. Entrance to these programs is limited to those who have registered and are wearing these wrist bands and ID.

JAINA Convention board has organized few mesmerizing and thought provoking programs for the Evenings during the convention. They have organised popular play Jiyo Jee Bhar Ke!. The synopsis of the play is given below. This is just a one event, we have more lined up and will soon inform you the details.

Human beings are the most intelligent, powerful and evolved species on earth. But they are the most manipulative and insensitive too. This play depicts and explores the inhuman aspects of human beings in a dark and unusual manner.

The entire drama takes place in animal laboratory where the primary characters of the play are animals. One of the animals is Dr.Rat who leads the pack, then there is Moti the stray dog, Sweetie the bitch (pug), Sughndhi the wild cat, Mangal Maharaj the murga, Bhondu the pig & Chottu the rabbit. They are all so full of life and make a happy little vibrant family. They all dream and have simple aspirations. But, little do they know that not only their dream but their entire existence will be destroyed in this laboratory by a cruel doctor and his assistants.

Animals have their spinal cord broken, they are artificially paralyzed and stroked, their stomachs are cut in pregnancy, they are injected with AIDS and even burnt alive. All this and more torture in the name of science and research.

The visual imagery and narrative of the play make the viewers uncomfortable, compel them to think and re-look at the things. Although so much is shown, the play never becomes preachy. It celebrates the virtue of Ahimsa, but it never actually talks or preaches about it. It only shows mirror to God's best creation that is "Us", the human beings in a sarcastic way.


Convener, JAINA Convention 2017

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