Published: 11.01.2017
Updated: 12.01.2017

1. A relatively bigger integrated form of monastic organisation, which is a union of many interdependent Kulas (1) (religious sub-orders).

'gaṇaḥ' parasparasāpekṣānekakidasamudāyaḥ.

(BṛBhā 2780)

  • Upādhyāya.

2. A form of monastic order, consisting of cohesive groups with similar vācanākalpa (the ascetic conduct prescribed by the canonical texts belonging to the same synod) and Sāmācārī (rules of conduct qua etiquette, formality and convention).

gaṇa iti- ekavācanācārakriyāsthānāṃ samudāyaḥ.

(Āvani 211 HāVṛ p.90)

3. Continuous persistence of the tradition of the Śrutasthaviras.

'gaṇaḥ' sthavirasantatisaṃsthitiḥ. sthaviragrahanena śrutastaviraparigrahah......tesām santa- tih-paramparā, tasyāh samsthānam-vartanam udyāpi bhavanam samsthatih.

(TaVā 9.24 Vṛ)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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