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Published: 09.01.2017
Updated: 09.01.2017

1. One who has attained self-realization.

2. One who knows the Loka (cosmos) and Aloka (supra-cosmos).

'kṣetrajño' yathāvasthitātmasvarūpaparijñānādātmajña iti, athavā......lokālokasvarūpaparijñātetyarthaḥ.

(Sūtra 1.6.3 Vṛ Pa 143)

3. The person who knows the kṣetra, i.e., body, desire, sensory object, violence and the activities of mind, speech and body.

kṣetram- śarīram, kāmaḥ, indriyaviṣayaḥ, hiṃsā, manovākkāyapravṛttiśca. yaḥ puruṣaḥ etatsarvaṃ jānāti sa kṣetrajño bhavati.

(ĀBhā 316)

4. A knowledgable or a learned person.

jo dīhaloga- satthassa kheyaṇṇe, se asatthassa kheyaṇṇe.

(Ā 1.67)


(ĀBhā 1.6 7)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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