Published: 21.12.2016

1. Annihilation-cum-subsidence (of Karma)- A process of mitigating the effect of the four Ghāti (destructive) Karmas;

during it, the karmadalikas (quantum of Karma) which are going to enter into udayāvalikā (the row of the rise) are rendered unfit to come into Vipākodaya (rise qua fruition) and their strong Rasavipāka (intensity of fruition) is made mild.

ghātikarmaṇo vipākavedyabhāvaḥ kṣayopśamaḥ.

udayaprāptasya ghātikarmaṇaḥ kṣayaḥ anudīrṇasya ca upaśamaḥ- vipākataḥ udayābhāva iti kṣayopalakṣita upaśamaḥ kṣayopaśamaḥ.

(Jaisidī 2.47 Vṛ)

2. The (spiritual) development that takes place when there is Kṣaya (annihilation) of the Sarvaghātī (fully destroying) Spardhakas of the four Karmas viz., Jñānāvaraṇīya (knowledge-veiling) Darśanāvaraṇīya (intuition-veiling), Mohanīya (deluding) and Antarāya (obstructing) Karmas, Upaśama (subsidence) of the Sarvaghātī Spardhakas that are going to come into rise after an

Antaramuhūrta (time-period between 2 Samayas (smallest time-units) and 1 Samaya less 48 minutes)) and Udaya (rise) of the Deśaghātī (partly destroying) Spardhakas.

tassa kammassa savvaghātikaphaḍḍagāṇaṃ udayakkhayāt, teṣāmeva sadupaśamāt, deśaghātiphaḍḍagāṇaṃ udayāt khatovasamito bhāvo bhavati.

(ĀvaCū 1 p. 97)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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