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Published: 28.11.2016
  1. One who belives in the real existence of substances (such as soul), in the doctrine of right world-view, in the doctrine of reincarnation of soul and in the doctrine that it is the soul itself which is the kartā (doer) of the Karma.
kariyāvādī yāvi bhavati, tarn jahā- āhiyavādī ahiyapanne āhiyaditthi samāvādī nīyāvādl samtiparalogavādī....sucinnā kammā sucinnaphala bhavamti...

(Daśā 6.4)

  1. One who accepts the existence of soul, but is confused about its extension, doership etc...
atthi tti kiriyavādi, vadati natthi tti akiriyāvādi ya. annanī annānam, vinaittā venaiyavādī..

(SūtraNi 118)

kiriyāvādīnam atthi jlvo. atthitte sati kesimca savvagato kesimca asavvagato, kesimca mutto kesimca amutto....kiriyāvādīkammam kammaphalam ca atthi tti bhanamti.

(SūtraCū p. 207)

  1. One who believes that the soul and the Karma are related by means of the activity of the soul.
atmanah karmanaśca samabandhah kriyāta eva bhavati.

(ĀBhā 1.5)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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