Published: 22.11.2016
Updated: 22.11.2016
  1. One who is possessed of super-sensory knowledge- Avadhijñānī (clairvoyant), Manaḥparyavajñānī (mind-reader), Kevalajñānī (omniscient).
tao kevalī paṇṇattā tam jahā- ohiṇāṇakevalī, maṇapajjavaṇāṇakevall, kevalaṇāṇakevalī.

(Sthā 3.513)

  1. One possessed of super-sensory knowledge which has become manifested on account of the Kṣaya (annihilation) of the four types of Ghāti (destroying) Karma. One who directly knows and perceives of all substances and all modes.
ghātikarmaksayādāvirbhūtajnānādyatiśayah kevali.

(TaVā 9.1.23)

kasinam kevalakappam logamjānamti tahaya pāsamti. kevalacarittanānī tamhā te kevalī humti.

(ĀvaNi 1079)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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