Published: 07.09.2016

An unit of (linear) measurement;

it is equivalent to 8 yavamadhya (middle breadth of a barley corn (which can be calculated thus: 8 hair-points of human beings of Bharata-Airavat=

1 tiny louse

8 tiny lice = 1 louse

8 lice = 1 Yavamadhya)).

It is used for measuring the height of the body of internals, sub-humans, humans and celestials. (It is equal to 1.3 inches approximately).

aṭṭha javantajjhā se ege ussehaṃgule.

(Anu 399)

ussehaṃguleṇaṃ neraiya-tirikkhajoṇiya-mamissa-devāṇaṃ sarirogāliaṇāo mavijjaṃti...

(Anu 401)

  • Ātmāṅgida, Pramāṇāṅgula.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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