Published: 01.09.2016

A type of Aticāra (partial transgression) of Māraṇāntika Saṃlekhanā (scraping penance unto death, i.e., emaciation of passions by a graded course of penance (fasting)) culminating into ' fasting unto death';

to long for getting material pros-parity in the human life, e.g., "let me be at the helm of affairs in the field of wealth and power."

ihaloko- manuṣyalokaḥ, tasminnāśaṃsā- abhilāṣaḥ tasyāh prayogaḥ ihalokāśaṃsāprayogaḥ śreṣṭhi syāṃ janmāntare'mātyo vā ityevaṃrūpā prārthanā.

(Upā 1.44 Vṛ Pa 21)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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