Published: 29.08.2016
  1. Appropriation of Pudgalas (material aggregates) of any Vargaṇā (class of material cluster) by the Jīva (soul);

appropriation of the Pudgalas fit for the formation of three types of body, viz..Audārika (gross body) etc., and the six types of Paryāpti (bio potential).

trayāṇāṃ śanrāṇāṃ ṣaṇṇāṃ paryāptīnāṃ yogyapudgalagrahanamāhāraḥ.

(TaVā 2.30)

  1. Appropriation of alimental materials by a Jīva (living being) which quench hunger and thirst and nourish the body and which is fourfold- Aśana (food), Pāna (drink), Khādima (eatables like fruits and dry fruits) and Svādima (tasty food or food like betel etc. used after meals).
...cauvvihaṃ vi āhāraṃ- asaṇaṃ pāṇaṃ khāimaṃ sāimaṃ...

va 6.1)

asaṇaṃ pāṇagaṃ ceva khāimaṃ sāimaṃ tahā. esā āhāravihī, cauvvihā hoi nāyavvo... āsuṃ khuhaṃ sameī, asaṇaṃ pāṇāṇuvaggahe pāṇaṃ. khe māī khāimaṃ ti ya, sāei guṇe tao sāī...

(ĀvaNi 1587,1588)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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