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Published: 10.08.2016
  1. A type of Yogasaṃgraha;

to observe the ascetic conduct quite perfectly, without indulging in any kind of deceit or hypocrisy.

'āyāre'tti... tatrācāropagataḥ syāt na māyāṃ kuryādityarthaḥ.

(Sama 32.1.2 Vṛ Pa 55)

  1. Name of the first Aṅga of the Dvādaśāṅga Śruta (twelve principal canonical works);

which depicts the monastic conduct and discipline as well as the biographical account of asceticism practised by Lord Mahāvīra.

āyāre ṇaṃ samaṇāṇaṃ niggaṃthāṇaṃ āyāragoyara-viṇaya-veṇaiya-ṭṭhāṇa-gamaṇa-caṃkamana-pamāna-jogajumjana-bhāsā-samiti-giittī- sejjovahi-bhattapāna-uggama-uppāyana-esanā-visohi-suddhāsuddhaggahanavayaniyamata- vovahānasuppasatthamāhijjai.

(Samapra 81)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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