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Published: 02.08.2016
  1. Living being devoid of mental faculty- That Jīva (living being), which is devoid of (mental faculties such as) īhā, apoha, mārgaṇā, gaveṣaṇā, cintā and vimarśa is Asaṃjnī with respect to Kālikī Upadeśa Saṃjñā (Mana (mind)).
jassa ṇaṃ ṇatthi īhā, apoho, maggaṇā, gavesaṇā, ciṃtā, vīmaṃsā- se ṇaṃ asaṇṇīti labbhai.

(Nandī 62)

  1. That Jīva (living being), which does not possess the karaṇaśakti (Karaṇavīrya), i.e., the capacity to do any work with due reflection over it;

it is Asaṃjñī (devoid of mental faculty) with respect to Hetu Upadeśa Saṃjñā, i.e., reasoning mind.

jassa ṇaṃ natthi abhisaṃdhāraṇapuvviyā karaṇasattī- se ṇaṃ asaṇṇīti bhaṇṇaī.

(Nandī 63)

  1. A person who is Mithyādṛṣṭi (2) (a Jīva (soul) possessed of deluded world-view)).
micchāddiṭṭhī asaṇṇī bhaṇito.

(NandīCū p.47)


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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