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Published: 28.07.2016

A macro time-unit equivalent to innumerable years, which is equivalent to 10 koṭi-koṭi (= 1014) Addhā Sāgaropamas;

the descending half of the Kālacakra (time-cycle), during which, the biological factors like life-span, structure of body etc. of the humans and sub-humans living in the Samayakṣetra (region of empirical time) undergo a gradual deterioration.

'osappiṇī' tti avasarppati hīyamānārakatayā avasarppayati vā "yuṣkaśarirādibhāvān hāpayatītyavasarpiṇī sāgaropama-koṭīkoṭīdaśakapramāṇaḥ kālaviśeṣaḥ.

(Sthā 1.127 Vṛ Pa 27)

dasa sāgaropamakoḍākoḍī kālo osappiṇī.

(Bhaga 6.134)

  • Utsarpiṇī.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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