Published: 24.05.2016
Updated: 05.06.2016
The region (in Jain Cosmography) where the needs of life (of the inhabitants) are fulfilled through Kalpavṛkṣas (the wish-fulfilling trees); i.e., where there is no need for people to under­take any karma i.e., the activities of commerce, agriculture etc., for their livelihood. There are 30 such Akarmabhūmis. Kṛṣyādikarmmarahitāḥ kalpapādapaphalopa-bhogapradhānā bhūmayo haimavatapañcakaha-rivarṣapañcakadevakurnpañcakottarakuru-pañcakaramyakapañcakairaṇyavatapañcaka-rūpāstriṃśadakarmabhūmayaḥ.

(Nandī 23 MaVṛ Pa 102)

  • Karmabhūmi.


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Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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