Jain Legend : Jain Dharma ka Maulika Itihasa (1) : Introduction to the book

Published: 19.03.2016

The present book, titled "Jain Dharma kā Maulika Itihāsa" is written according to the ancient Āgama tradition of the Prathamānuyoga. In this Tīrthaṃkara –khaṇḍa (section/ volume) previous lives of Tīrthaṃkara, time of heavenly abode, conception, time–period of conception, birth, time of birth, coronation, marriage, year of charities, mendicancy, penance, omniscience, establishment of tīrtha, Gaṇadharas, Āryās, monks both male and female, and particular favours done (by them), etc. are introduced. The introduction to Vṛṣabhanātha and Mahāvīra Tīrthaṃkara is based on Sūtras such as Ācārāṃga, Jambūdvīpaprajṅapti, Samavāyāṃga, Āvaśyaka, etc., ancient texts such as Āvaśyakaniryukti, Āvaśyakacūrṇi, Pravacanasāroddhāra, Sattarisayadvāra, and Mahāpurāṇa, Uttara Purāṇa, Tiloyapaṇṇatti of the Digambara tradition. In places of variance, the viewpoint in accordance with the Śāstras is given, referring to Triṣaṣṭi Śalākāpuruṣa caritra, Āgamīyamata and Sattarisaya Prakaraṇa.

For research on historical facts, besides Jain literature, it was decided to collect material to the extent possible from Vedic and Buddhist literature as well. In research no literature has been disregarded. Apart from basic texts, literature of modern writers has also been consulted. Literary works of Śrī Devendra Muni, Chief of the editorial committee of Pārśvanātha Prakaraṇa and literary works of Śrī Vijayendra Sūri, Śrī Kalyāṇavijayajī, etc. have been used selectively for the section on Lord Mahāvīra.

At the time of writing it was kept in mind that nothing should be contrary to tradition or the tradition of nirgranthas. Particular care was taken to write no unsubstantiated word under the influence of communal persistence. This section deals with Tīrthaṃkara' introduction, hence it can be called "tīrthaṃkara khaṇḍa".

Despite taking care to the extent possible of language, emotion and doctrine, if due to the incompleteness of human nature any deficiency remains, for that "micchāmi dukkaḍaṃ". Knowledgeable people shall inform (us) about these deficiencies so that care is taken to improve upon those in future. (From the Second edition)


Title: Jain Legend: Jain Dharma ka Maulika Itihasa (1)
Acharya Hasti Mala
Shugan C. Jain
Publisher: Samyakjnana Pracaraka Mandala, Jaipur
Edition: 2011
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  1. Caritra
  2. Devendra
  3. Dharma
  4. Digambara
  5. Jain Dharma
  6. Mahāvīra
  7. Micchāmi Dukkaḍaṃ
  8. Muni
  9. Purāṇa
  10. Pārśvanātha
  11. Tīrtha
  12. Tīrthaṃkara
  13. Vedic
  14. Vṛṣabhanātha
  15. Āgama
  16. Āvaśyaka
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