Medicinal Plants and Jainism: Tirthankar Rishabhanath (Adinath)

Published: 25.12.2015

Tirthankar Rishabhanatha (Adinath)
Tree: Bargad
Botanical Name: Ficus benghalensis Linn.
Family: Moraceae

A large evergreen tree, leaves obovate, receptacles globose, red when ripe. Medicinally useful and used in different diseases. Milky juice is applied externally for pains in rheumatism and lumbago. Infusion of bark used as tonic, astringent, used in dysentery, diarrohoea and diabetes. Seeds are cooling tonic. Leaves applied as poultice to abscesses. Root fibres useful in gonorrhea.

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  1. Adinath
  2. Tirthankar
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