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Medicinal Plants and Jainism: Namokar Mahamantra

Published: 23.12.2015

Devoted Jain people do not take modern allopathic medicines as violence is involved in their research and manufacture. By and large and as an established tradition, Jains depend on medicines based on plants. While working on U.G.C. project on survey of medicinal plants, it has been observed that availability of many such plant species are dwindling fast even if claimed to be the best protected forest areas in National parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

It has also been observed that collection of medicinal plants by tribals is done in very cruel way. It is therefore necessary particularly for Jain people and organizations to take up propagation, collection and processing of medicinal plants in situ as well as in agricultural farms in accordance with Jain principles.

The paper stresses the need of such studies establishing correlation between Jainism and plant science to conserve Phytodiversity vis a vis biodiversity which is the need of the hour to save planet earth.
Namokar Mantra is unique prayer devoted to Panch Parmeshti. Panch Parmeshti are ideals for us to follow. By reciting Namokar mantra, we gain purity and peace.

Namo Arihantanam
I bow in reverence to Arihants

Namo Siddhanam
I bow in reverence to Siddhas

Namo Ayariyanam
I bow in reverence to Acharyas

Namo Uvajjhayanam
I bow in reverence to Upadhyayas

Namo Loye Savva Sahunam
I bow in reverence to all Sadhus
Eso Panch Namoyaro
This five-fold salutation

Savva Pavappanasano
Destroys all sins

Mangalanam Cha Savvesim
And amongst all auspicious things

Padhamam Havai Mangalam
Is the most auspicious one


  • Nonviolence is fundamental principle of Jainism. Both are so intrinsically integrated that there is no exaggeration to connote both Jainism and nonviolence as synonyms.
  • Jainism ordains that all plant forms are life forms and should be treated a one's own self.
  • Any form of cruelty or pain should not be inflicted on plants.
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