Dasalakshan Dharma Parva

Published: 02.09.2014
Updated: 30.07.2015

Dasalakshan Dharma Parva

This is one of the celebrations to remind one self of one’s own qualities which are very much the symbol of pure soul.

After being born especially as human being one forgets the very purpose for which one has chosen to be born as human being and gets lost in the bodily enjoyment which is short lived, unreal and fictitious. The choice of birth is very much in the hands of the individual as the feelings - bhaava - of one are the deciding factors for birth and death – samsara or nobirth - liberation. Feelings if based on bodily or other than soul then soul get one of the births in the four types - gathis. Liberation, if it is one’s choice then celebration like ‘Dasalakshan Parva’ will help one to remind one to assess his achievement of human birth.

During this celebration one is canalizing his / her thoughts on oneself. In other words one ponder over one’s own qualities and attempts to conduct as soul which in turn causes cleaning oneself soaked in the unnatural feelings viz., delusion, liking and disliking leading to anger, pride, deceit and greed which are the casues for rebirth.

Secondly, unless one is right believer - Samyakdhrishti - the result will not be cleaning but binding meritorious karmic dust - punnya karma. Samayakdhirishti is one who has understood for certain who one is, what are one’s qaualities and their expressions. In other words right believer knows and believes with out any iota of doubt that one is only soul and nothting but soul. May be his conduct is slightly delayed or soiled

Thirdly, Dharma is not ten or more but it is one only but it has many facets - characteristics and they are perfected or cleaned at least on these ten days as a preliminary step
towards liberation. This parva is on 3 occasions in a year of 12 months i.e., in the middle of September, December and April and in these months the seasons such as monsoon, winter and summer change and as a result germination is high and by observing this parva less violence is caused as most of the regular activities are either ilenced or reduced.

For more details please go thro’ Shri Thathvaartha Sutra 9th chaptger and you will get guidance.


One who believes that one is only soul and nothing but soul, the observance of this parva will be a booster towards liberation.

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