Speech-2: 10-10-2010

Posted: 26.05.2012
International Conference on Jainism Through the Ages [October 8th, 9th & 10th, 2010 Dasara Exhibition Ground, Mysore] Speech-2: 10-10-2010 Jainism preferred to adopt and assimilate local languages and culture, wherever it settled. They took their model and lead from their Ford-Makers' dictum of universal out look to treat all languages as on par-Sarva-bhAshAmayl Sarasvati, an unique concept to shun the ego of a...

Hindi Granth Karyalay - Publishers Since 1912

Posted: 05.06.2008
By Manish Modi
ॐ नमः सिद्धेभ्यः HINDI GRANTH KARYALAY Publishers Since 1912 9 Hirabaug C P Tank Mumbai 400004 INDIA Phones: + 91 22 2382-6739, 2035-6659 Email: manishymodi@gmail.com Learned friends, Jay Jinendra We introduce ourselves as a firm of booksellers and publishers specialising in Jain, Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu literature. We are the oldest bookstore in Mumbai delighting book lovers since...

A Note On The Pāsa Tradition In The Universal History Of The Digambaras And Śvetāmbaras

Posted: 23.12.2007
By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée
International Journal of Jaina Studies (Online) Vol. 3, No. 2 (2007) 1-60 Abstract Jain studies have so far concentrated on Śvetāmbara texts because those of the Digambaras were hardly available. The late professor Upadhye, to whom this contribution is dedicated, has done much to change this disparity which enabled the present author to edit, translate and comment from an important 9 th century text,...

Bollée - List of Publications

Posted: 05.12.2007
By Prof. Dr. Willem Bollée
Books: 1970 Kunalajataka. London. 1977 Studien zum Suyagada I. Heidelberg 1980 The padas of the Suttanipata. Reinbek. 1983 Reverse index of the Dhammapada, Suttanipata, Thera- and Therigatha padas with parallels from the Ayaranga, Suyagada, Uttarajjhaya, Dasaveyaliya and Isibhasiyaim. Reinbek. 1988 Studien zum Suyagada II. Heidelberg. 1994 Materials for an Edition and Study of the Pinda- and Oha- Nijjuttis of...