Sustaining Strata of Cosmos

Posted: 02.03.2019
What is the basis of this visible world? According to purā ṇ as, snake, tortoise etc. are the support of the universe. Jain philosophy has elucidated on this. According to Jain philosophy the sustenance of the loka is of eight types: The air is sustained by the space The ocean is sustained by the air The earth is sustained by the ocean The mobile and immobile beings are sustained by the earth. The...

Structure of Cosmos and Trans-cosmos in Jain philosophy

Posted: 01.03.2019
Dravya loka (universe with respect to substance), K ṣ etra loka (universe with respect to space), Kāla loka (universe with respect to time) and Bhāva loka (universe with respect to modes) -these four loka are mentioned in the Bhagavati Sutra. The size of the cosmos is related to K ṣ etra loka. The area of trans-cosmos is described as an empty ball and it is covering the cosmos from all...

Ultimate Cause of Universe in Upaniṣads

Posted: 25.02.2019
Investigation for the prime cause of the universe has created multiple diverse beliefs which have been mentioned in upani ṣ ads. What is the prime cause of the universe? Is it existent or non-existent? If it is existent, then is it human or other than human i.e. born out of water, air, fire and space etc.? All these questions have been answered by the sages of Upani ṣ ad on account of their wisdom...

Investigation for the Ultimate Cause of Universe in Vedas

Posted: 24.02.2019
Dirghatama Rishi of Ṛgveda put forward the question for the prime-cause of the universe. The first stage of it is just the aptitude of question. When he doesn't get any answer or solution for his question, then he says -'I don't know.' Even then he doesn't give up his quest and says finally that one truth is explored with many dimensions by the scholars.' Existent is one but intellectual scholars explain...

Commentary Literature on Āgamas

Posted: 10.02.2019
In Jain religion and philosophy, there is a paramount place for Jain āgama literature. They are recognized as the collection of preaching of Lord Mahavira. Its significance can be well known by the plethora of literature written on those texts. Those explanatory literature can be found in various styles and with different names such as-Niryukti, Bhā ṣ ya, Cūr ṇ ī, Ṭ...

Third Mathuri Vācanā

Posted: 24.12.2018
The third effort of the compilation of āgamas was undertaken around 827-840 years after the salvation of Lord Mahavira. In the cūrṇi of Nandī, there is a mention that due to the prolonged drought of twelve years, monks could not learn, revise or contemplate upon the āgamic contents; hence they began to wane. The effect of drought was so severe that monks did not get enough food in alms...

A South Indian Jaina Rathotsava (Chariot Festival) at Nellikar in Tuḷunāḍu

Posted: 30.05.2018
By Padmanabh S. Jaini
Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter: SOAS - University of London The present day Tuḷunāḍu Jains can be divided into three groups: (1) Jains (2) Śeṭṭi-Jains and (3) Indra-s. They are all Digambaras and speak both Tuḷu and Kannada. The Indra-Jains (also known as "Purohita-s" and "Jain-Brāhmaṇas") are hereditary priests at [Digambara] Jain temples (basadi-s). The Venerable Bhaṭṭāraka Cārukīrti...


Posted: 21.02.2018
By Padmanabh S. Jaini
Persistence - One member of the Tripadī (the triplet of origination, cessation and persistence); the term which connotes the permanence of the real substance and which becomes the object of the Darśana (intuition-apprehension of generic attribute). ...atiādipāriṇāmikasvabhāvena vyayodayābhāvād dhruvati sthiribhavatīti dhruvaḥ. dhriwasya bhāvaḥ karma vā dhrauvyam. yathā...


Posted: 14.02.2018
By Padmanabh S. Jaini
World-view- The Pari ṇāma (2) (natural transformation) of the soul due to the Udaya (rise) or cessation of the Darśanamohanīya (view-deluding) Karma . See - Darśana .

Darśanāvaraṇīya Karma

Posted: 08.02.2018
By Padmanabh S. Jaini
Intuition-veiling Karma - One of the main eight types of Karma ; that Karma , the Udaya (rise) of which is responsible for covering the Darśana (1) (intuition - apprehension of generic attribute). darśanaṃ-...sāmānyagrahaṇātmako bodhaḥ... tasyāvaraṇīyaṃ darśanāvarṇaṇīyam. (Prajñā 23.1 Vṛ Pa 453)