15.03.2018 ►Udaipur ►Organisational Tour

Posted: 21.03.2018
Udaipur: 15.03.2018 Anuvrat Samiti conducted a conference in Udaipur under the program “Sanghatan Yatra” Anuvrat Mahasamiti President Ashok Sancheti while addressing the gathering said that the Samiti is working towards Spiritual Development and de-addiction. Now it will also start a “Ahimsa Prasishkan” Program under the plan “Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana” The...

08 ►More Experiences and Cases of Recollection

Posted: 21.08.2017
Methods of verification of Such Recall When one gradually gets into trance, his eyes, his limbs that become relaxed indicate that the trainee is gradually entering into his past life. A number of questions are put to find out whether the person is giving the real picture or concocted. When Shri Shubkaran Surana of Padihara began his recollections, he started hitting the head of people who were around. He...

30.09.2016 ►JAINA ►Newsletter

Posted: 30.09.2016
Federation Of Jain Associations in North America President's Message Jai Jinendra! We are celebrating October month as Ahimsa month, where this whole month we will learn about one of the most important principles of Jainism i.e. Ahimsa through quotes, articles and stories. We have organized an essay competition on ‘Practicing Ahimsa In Our Daily Life’. To participate, please read the details given below...

Sectorial Divergence

Posted: 11.09.2016
In course of time, Vijayacandra formed 'Vṛddha Pauṣālika Tapā gaccha' and Devendra Sūri 'Laghu Pauṣālika gaccha' respectively. Gradually Vijayacandra Sūri got inclined towards lax conduct. He openly sanctioned perverted allowance for ascetics, such as, they could keep bundle of clothes, could consume ghee, milk, etc every day. Eleven such blemished exceptions are given below. Ascetics can keep the...

The Conversion of the Goddess

Posted: 22.06.2015
An Osval Jain acquaintance in Jaipur had been out of town for some days. When I asked him where he had been, he told me that he had gone to Osiya to worship the goddess Saciya Mata, who is his lineage goddess ( kuldevi ). And why was that? To get rid of a dos (fault, blemish), he said, and to get "peace in the family." He never did explain the exact nature of the problem, but never mind; what is of interest...

03.02.2015 ►Malwa ►Ahimsa Yatra : The Journey Continues

Posted: 06.02.2015
ShortNews in English Malwa: 03.02.2015 Ahimsa Yatra led by Acharya Mahashraman's vihar from Malwa to Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College, Fatehpur. News in Hindi

03.02.2015 ►Fatehpur ►Ahimsa Yatra being welcomed at Fatehpur

Posted: 06.02.2015
ShortNews in English Fatehpur: 03.02.2015 Ahimsa Yatra led by Acharya Mahashraman reached Fatehpur. The students of Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College gave a grand welcome to Acharya Mahashraman. The principal and manager of the school did vandana and expressed their gratitude. News in Hindi

04.02.2015 ►Leaving Fatehpur ►Acharya Mahashraman ►Ahimsa Yatra

Posted: 04.02.2015
04.02.2015 His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman started off his journey this morning from Fatehpur. The Ahimsa Yatra that passed through the town became a matter of curiosity for the people. People came out of their houses and also looked out through their windows and terrace and beheld passing entourage of the pioneer of Ahimsa Yatra with inquisitiveness. Many people were benefitted by Gurudev's address and also...

03.02.2015 ►Fatehpur ►Acharya Mahashraman ►Ahimsa Yatra

Posted: 04.02.2015
February 03 His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman today set off for Fatehpur this morning.During the beginning of the journey the weather was slightly cold but as the journey progressed the sun shone bright and out did the cold. On the way the villagers of Saunra, Madripur, Sangaanv undertook the vow to lead an addiction free life insipired by Acharya Shree. The staff of the petrol bunk situated near Sangaanv also...

31.01.2015 ►Aung ►Acharya Mahashraman ►Ahimsa Yatra

Posted: 02.02.2015
Aung 31.01.2015 His Holiness Acharya shree set off from Poorvameer. Local sarpanch Shree Jeetendra Singh and many villagers walked a long distance along with Acharya Shree. Shree Dayaram kachva thakur and many other villagers came along with their families. They said that they generally do not wake up before nine in the morning but today they woke up by five and had their bath and were present to offer their...