Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 08 ► [08.12] Balance - Third Perspective: Our Own Perspective

Posted: 04.08.2007

When I am explaining anekanta and presenting it as a view for life, we should be able to look at it in both ways. We should be able to look at it not only in two ways but also in a third way. The third way is our own perspective. It means do not look at the dual. There is something even beyond the dual, look at it. The one who looks at loss and gain will never be able to solve his problems. Only the one who looks beyond these two, with the third perspective, will be able to solve problems. That is balance. At this stage loss and gain settle down at a lower level. In this state the duality does not hurt, in fact they do not even mean anything. Only experience remains, the conscious remains.

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