Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 08 ► [08.08] Balance - Misuse Of Principle

Posted: 28.07.2007

One lady was bathing with her clothes on. Another one saw her and asked, "Sister, why are you bathing with all your clothes on? The clothes will become wet. You should not do this. Bathe alone and take off all your clothes to do so." She replied, "Oh you do not understand. The sacred texts say that the Lord can see everything. He sees everything, everybody. How can I take off my clothes before him? How can I be undressed before him? So being shy, I bathe with my clothes on."

When knowledge or wisdom is not awakened, then facts can be misused. If there is balance then such a situation does not arise. With balance, relativity gains and singular vision does not get footage. The two sides of the scale are in balance.

The one who has the perspective of anekanta does not take a single dimensional view of things and twist logic like that woman. He does not mismanage his affairs with it but instead puts it to use and proves its validity like Narada. This is possible only through balance.

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