Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 08 ► [08.01] Balance - The Results Of Knowing The Limits: Balance

Posted: 14.07.2007

Anekanta is a philosophy, a principle through which all the universal and transitory rules of the world can be explained.

Some rules are universal. Some are changing. Some are fixed, some are not. No rule is only fixed, or only variable. Both kinds of rules go hand in hand because there is nothing on earth which has monopoly. Everything has its limits. Time has its importance but it does not have monopoly. Everything does not happen only because of time.

Effort is also of great importance but it is not the only deciding factor either. Destiny and karma play a very important role but they are not everything. Nobody has monopoly. Al1 of them are complete within themselves and incomplete outside them. The knowledge of limits lends balance.

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