Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 07 ► [07.16] Relative Estimation - Worldly Transactions And Spirituality

Posted: 12.07.2007

Acharya Pujyapad said, “The one who is dormant in the material world, awakens in the spiritual and one who is dormant in the spiritual awakens in the material." This is an anekantic perception. The one who gives great importance to worldly transactions will never be able to awaken spiritually. And the one who is awakened spiritually finds his worldly transactions becoming dormant, reducing. A man has only worldly transactions when he is not awakened towards spirituality. With the awakening of spirituality, worldly transactions become few, limited to the essentials.

A man overeats till he does not become aware of his health. When there is awareness towards health, then meals become balanced.
A man talks too much till he does not awaken towards himself. When he is awakened towards himself, then speech automatically reduces. A man keeps thinking, thinking so much that he does not get even a second's rest. The mind is constantly engaged in positive and negative thoughts. When man becomes aware of mental health he realizes this is dangerous business. The mind should be given rest.

Till spirituality does not awaken in man he is engaged entirely in day-to-day activities. When spirituality is awakened, day-to-day activities are restricted by necessity. The rest of them get left behind.

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