Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 07 ► [07.04] Relative Estimation - Blaming Circumstances

Posted: 18.06.2007

Eknath had controlled the frightening prospect of getting angry. He went through trying circumstances but he did not get angry. Why? Because even though the circumstance was provocative of anger, the seed of anger no longer existed in Eknath. That seed had withered.
To the one who is constantly watching "others", only the circumstances stand out. He is not able to see the seed that gets influenced by circumstances. The one who follows anekanta and does meditation gives circumstances only twenty five percent weightage and attributes seventy five percent importance to the seed within, which responds to the circumstances. The one who does not practice meditation, does not know the secrets of spirituality and the anekantic perspective will continue to hide behind the excuse of circumstances. He will feel he is not to blame, circumstances are.

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