Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 07 ► [07.01] Relative Estimation -The Danger Lies In Knowing Others

Posted: 12.06.2007

A workshop for meditation is going on and many people have assembled. They have come here so that they are able to awaken themselves, owards themselves. The question then is do they not have to know others? But in meditation we are going in the reverse direction. It is in man's nature to be highly aware of others and to know them well. He gets so aware of them, gets to know them so well that he forgets himself! In many situations and events our attention goes to others, not towards ourselves. This is precisely why I place great importance on meditation for it helps transform this unilateral vision of thinking in absolute terms.

The man who meditates gets highly awakened towards himself. That is not a dangerous thing to happen. It is more dangerous to be highly awakened to others. There is no danger in knowing oneself, hut to know others is not without dangers. Till today the one who knows himself has posed no problems but the one who gets to know others too well has posed problems. People who do not know themselves but know others have created all the major dangers that exist in the world today.

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