Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 06 ► [06.11] Independence - Anekanta Is The Solution To Problems

Posted: 10.06.2007

Acharya Tulsi had said, "When I am honoured, I do not feel elated and when I am insulted I do not feel depressed. I have got a lot of appreciation as well as been the butt of criticism. I keep a balance between the two. I do not bloom with praise and wilt with criticism. That is balance."

With dualistic perception relativity develops and the third eye of anekanta opens. With this life becomes healthy and harmonious. With it the door to infinite possibilities opens.

Let us clearly experience the fact that the co-existence of existence and non-existence is not a complicated matter. Every object or matter has existence within limits. Where its limits end, non-existence becomes operative. The solution to existence and non-existence and independence and dependence is found only through relativity.

There was a yogi, a sage. His hair got tangled. He picked up a comb and tried disentangling it. The comb kept breaking. The tangle could not be combed out. A devotee said, Lord! This is the entanglement of a sage. It cannot be cleared with the comb. It needs a razor."

Anekanta is a razor. It disentangles problems that are as tangled as the sage's hair.

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