Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 06 ► [06.06] Independence - Possibility And The Present Mode

Posted: 05.06.2007

Two streams of thought are clear. One is the stream of thought pertaining to the possibilities and the other is the stream of thought pertaining to present modes. On understanding both these streams of thought practical efficiency will improve and there will be no problem making the right decision either. A good decision is that which is taken on the basis of the present situation but taking into consideration all the possibilities. By considering all the possibilities the door to social, economical, political and spiritual development is opened. And by considering all these infinite possibilities developments take place.

Man gets into a problem when there is a single perspective. A man employed a servant and decided that he was very honest. He nurtured him and gave him all the conveniences. One day the servant cheated him and robbed him of five lakhs of rupees. Now the master got terribly upset. He got upset because his perspective was single dimensional. He did not consider the possibility that one day he could also cheat. It is good to ac t on the present conditions, but future possibilities should not be ruled out. Two men got into business together. One of them gets entangled with the present only and rules out all future possibilities while the other keeps the door of possibilities open and progresses on that basis. The first person repents and wishes he too had followed the other man's example.

All of man's hard work, courage, progress, creativity and plans are based on possibilities. And these possibilities cannot emerge without the perspective of anekanta.

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