Abstract Thinking ► 24 ► [24.04] - Anupreksha Of Spirituality And Science - R. N. A. Chemical

Posted: 09.06.2007

The question arises, How to attain bliss? How to produce in oneself the alpha waves? In the language of spirituality, the first step on the path of ever-lasting joy is the removal of all worry, which means that all passions and frenzy must come to an end. With the removal of tension, all psychological maladies are removed. Physical diseases cannot survive for long the elimination of psychological causes. And with the ending of physical diseases, life is filed with joy.

Meditation is a process of bringing about a transformation. Through meditation, one's habits, character, personality - all stand changed. It has a scientific explanation. Today, even science is busy proving that man can be changed. According to science, there is an R.N.A. chemical in the brain which covers the layers of our consciousness. The scientists have discovered that this chemical is a factor in the transformation of an individual. It can be increased or decreased. Transformation takes place accordingly. Habits change. New habits can be formed. The biologist, James Olds made an experiment. He introduced a particular kind of electric waves in the heads of rats. After some time, the rats were found to be totally free from fear. They began to appear before a cat without any hesitation. All their fear was ended.

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