Abstract Thinking ► 22 ► [22.03] - Anupreksha Of Secularism - The Virus Of Communalism

Posted: 26.05.2007

Man, by birth, cannot be man's enemy. How can two branches of a tree by hostile to each other. It is also said that religious communities have been formed to establish goodwill among men. Since there is no inherent enmity, why should any need for establishing goodwill arise? I should like to reiterate my belief that no essential malice exists between man and man, enmity is created by vested interests. Religious sects started the work of removing this enmity, but later they themselves were dominated by people having vested interests, and thus helped corroborate the theory of man being man's worst enemy It therefore seems to me that the root of the communal problem is to be found nowhere else than in man's own pride and selfishness. Thus in order to resolve the problem of communal hatred, is necessary for us to give up vanity and selfishness.

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