Abstract Thinking ► 21 ► [21.12] - Anupreksha Of Synthesis - Smnbhinnashrotolabdhi

Posted: 18.05.2007

The spiritual power of perception of All Sense objects through any Sense.

Jain Acharyas, in their writings, have referred to a kind of yogic power which they call 'sambhinnashrotolabdhi'. It is a power which renders the whole body, 'karan', i.e. 'functional'. The entire body becomes comprehensive sense-organ. Then the gross assumption that only the eye can see, only the ear can hear, etc., becomes meaningless. With the manifestation of this power, every part of the body starts functioning like the five sense-organs. The whole body, every part of it, can see or hear. Some girls have been found to read with their fingers. The function of the eyes is performed by the fingers. Many scientists are puzzled by this fact which being so apparent they cannot deny. They cannot say that it is not possible to read through the fingers, although they cannot explain why and how it happens. This is a subject beyond the reach of science yet. The scientists are trying to understand it. But the fact itself-that the whole body can function as any of the five sense-organs -was recognized thousands of years ago. Any one sense-organ can function as all the sense-organs together or the whole body can function as any of the five sense-organs. This, too, is a kind of synthesis.

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