Int. School for Jain Studies Announces 4 Weeks Program On GLORY OF JAINISM

Posted: 01.05.2007
Updated on: 02.07.2015

An excellent opportunity for NRI Jains to experience Jainism

What do you get from the program?

  • You will have balanced (canonical and logic based) knowledge of Jainism.
  • You will feel prouder to be a Jain.
  • You will be motivated to know more about Jainism and practice it.
  • You will be better prepared to interact with your children and inculcate Jain values in them with relevance to modern age.
  • A set of books, handouts on CD or hard copy (optional) in English.

Program content:

The Glory of Jainism course will be devoted to history, culture, philosophy, traditions, art, architecture and way of life of Jains. The program includes over 50 academic lectures of 1.5 hours each by eminent Jain scholars, visits to Jain temples, monks and key Jains, observe and perform religious rituals and visit some important pilgrim places for their significance to Jain arts, kalyanakas or other religious occurrences. The course and all the materials will be non-sectarian in nature.

Program Duration:

  • Dec 15th 2007 to Jan 14th 2008.
  • Three weeks of academic lectures and visits / meetings to temples, monks and Jains; participate in Jain religious rituals.
  • One week of pilgrimage (yatra) to important Jain pilgrim places in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and in and around Delhi.

Faculty and program material:

  • The same, highly qualified and experienced faculty of ISSJS will conduct this program. Extensive use of computer technology, audiovisual aides and modern teaching methods and interactive classes will be utilized.
  • The lectures are highly interactive. We encourage open discussions, which constitute more than 50 percent of each academic class.
    Class size: Between 12 - 20


Delhi and Jaipur in India

Boarding, Lodging and Transportation:

We will provide the same quality and level of comforts that have been provided to ISSJS Scholars. The living accommodation will be in clean rooms (twin sharing basis) with attached western style toilets. Food will be hygienic Jain food keeping the western palate in mind. Inter and inter city travel by cars or buses. AC (need based)

WHO Should Attend?

  • Inquisitive NRI Jains interested in learning rich philosophy, traditions and culture of Jains are welcome.
  • Age, sex and country are no bars.


  • This course will be conducted on cost basis.
  • The participants will pay for their own travel expenses from their place of residence to New Delhi and back.
  • We are estimating that the cost for boarding, lodging, transportation (including pilgrimage), course material and classes to be about $1000 dollars (US Dollar). Any excess expense incurred will be borne by ISJS India.


For enrolling in the program, please contact

About ISJS India

ISJS was launched in 2005 by a handful of educated and concerned Jains in India to assist in the introduction of academic studies of Jainism in the universities of North America. Since then, with the sponsorship of Mahavir Vision, Inc., USA, two summer schools called ISSJS or International Summer School for Jain studies were organized by ISJS in 2005 and 2006 for two months each (June 1st – July 31st). ISSJS has now grown in stature as seen from its class size growing from 7 to 14 and now 32 in the ISSJS 2007 to be conducted from June 1st to Jut 31st 2007. University of Ottawa has included ISSJS as a part of their regular academic offering. A number of universities in USA are now offering courses in Jainism in their own academic programs. ISSJS faculty is being sponsored by US embassy for meetings and teaching in USA. Director of ISSJS was invited by universities to deliver lectures. Our alumni are teaching Jainism as well as delivering radio talks and writing papers.

ISSJS is managed and run by experienced and highly qualified non-sectarian faculty from reputed universities of India and USA.

Please visit for details.

NOTE; the suggested dates for the course, December 15-January 14 are flexible in a sense that depending up on the response and the interest, we can adjust the dates accordingly; like the entire month of January if that is most convenient to participants.

Non-Violence is the supreme spiritual value (Dharma) Note; Glory of Jainism Course is offered and conducted by International School for Jain Studies New Delhi, India.

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