Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.18] Third Eye 1 - Desisting Dogmatism: Anekanta

Posted: 02.05.2007

A man was drinking water. There was more dirt in the pond than water. Along with the water he was drinking, he was taking in some dirt. But he continued drinking. A sensible man said, “A little further away there is a pond full of water. Go there and drink clean water and quench your thirst. Why are you drinking this dirty water?"

The man replied, “This is my father's pond. If I drink water, I will do so only from here. Or else I will remain thirsty." This is dogmatism. This is because the third eye, which sees the truth, is not open.

It is greatly necessary for the contemporary world, that man's third eye opens. The third eye is that of anekanta.

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