Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.17] Third Eye 1 - Different People: Different Solutions

Posted: 30.04.2007

Meditation does not suit some people. Yogasana and pranayama does not suit some people. This is because each person 's body composition is different. The mental level of the mind is also not similar.

Some people's mind is so fickle that they are not able to meditate. In this situation we should once again resort to the anekantic view. We should measure every person independently. Understand them as different individuals. Those who cannot do meditation, make them do some chanting (jap). Make them practice breath-control. Make them practice with the vibrations of sound. The one who practices bhramari pranayama gradually drifts into meditation. Sitting in one posture, the practitioner makes the sound of a bee for five, ten or fifteen minutes and slowly drifts into a state of meditation.

For everybody the same solution does not work. One cannot cling to just one thing. All the dogmatism and persistent assaults against truth are results of looking at only one aspect.

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