Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.16] Third Eye 1 - Awakening Of The Kundalini

Posted: 29.04.2007

Nowadays there is a lot of discussion on the kundalini all over the world. To awaken it has become a yogic act. In the entire yogic world there is a lot of discussion about this. A storm has been raised over the awakening of the kundalini. I would like to know of one man whose kundalini has not been awakened. Every man's kundalini is awakened. Whether he practices yoga or not, his kundalini is awakened. Food is digested in the body. How? Food is digested by the kundalini. There is heat generated in the body. What is the reason for this? The kundalini is the reason for this. Kundalini is the energy of our bio-electrical body. It is the energy of luster, effulgence and light. It is the entire body's temperature. The heat of the bio-electrical body is the kundalini. It is always awakened. It can become more potent and there are many ways to achieve that, not just one. It can get further awakened with yoga exercises or meditation or pranayama. Through fasting and penance also itcan be made more potent. Humility, reading of scriptures, meditation and kayotsarg are also means through which it can be further awakened. There is not just one method of awakening the kundalini.

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