Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.12] Third Eye 1 - Science Benefits Religion

Posted: 21.04.2007

Common people without hesitation say science has killed religion. I believe that nothing else has fostered religion as science has. If science had not explored and discovered the world of the subtle modes and subtle truths then the many dogmatic philosophers would have turned more violent.and that would have resulted in many more conflicts. The third eye of philosophers is not open yet and so there is constant dialogue and argument. They see only with two eyes.

The eye of anekanta or that of equanimity and neutrality has not yet opened. The reason is that philosophers have turned away from the search. They have forgotten the methodology of the search. Nowadays there are discoveries made everyday. They are engrossed in research. Science has presented many subtle truths before us. It has helped express many unmanifested modes. Some beliefs that fell into the category of superstitions just a few years ago are now proven scientific facts.

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