Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.06] Third Eye 1 - The Left Eye Has Some Peculiarities

Posted: 12.04.2007

As long as the two eyes denote like and dislike, anger will remain. Anger dissolves with the opening of the third eye. The third eye is the eye of equanimity. Then there is no attachment or aversion for matter, but a realistic view, a true view. This is equanimity. Matter is just matter. No matter is likeable or dislikeable.

With changing time and place the same object may become favourable or unfavourable. If we look at it from the anekantic viewpoint then no matter is either entirely favourable or entirely unfavourable. As the idea of anekanta develops, the feelings of like and dislike towards matter begins to decrease and the third eye which looks at matter as matter begins to function.

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