Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.05] Third Eye 1 - Third Eye Means Equanimity

Posted: 10.04.2007

Our third eye is the eye of equanimity. We have two eyes. Our right eye symbolizes attachment and the left, aversion.

A father went to his daughter's house. He sat down for a meal with his son-in-law. His daughter began serving the meal. She served a rice preparation to both of them. Then she was to serve clarified butter. She began to think: should I serve my father the ghee? If I should then how much should I serve him? My husband is sitting next to him. If I give him more or less than the right amount, there will be chaos. My husband will get angry. She looked at her husband through her left eye. The father saw that and understood everything.

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