Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 04 ► [04.02] Third Eye 1 - The Secret Of Anekanta: The Opening Of The Third Eye

Posted: 04.04.2007

The Acharyas of anekanta have said that there is nothing permanent or impermanent in the world. The eye that looks for permanence is one and the eye that looks for impermanence is another. But the third eye is that which sees the truth. When that third eye opens, a third category comes into being. That is neither permanent nor impermanent but is both permanent and impermanent. One man sees equality. Another sees the inequality. But with the opening of the third eye, there is no equality or inequality, everything is both equal and unequal… making for a separate category.

The opening of the third eye or the creation of the third category is the greatest secret of anekanta. As long as we continue to live between two categories, we will not be able to catch the truth but will find ourselves eternally grappling with truth and untruth.

With the opening of the third eye, a third category comes into being. That which is, begins to present itself.

An Acharya of anekanta said:

Syannashi nityam sadrsam virupam, vacyam na vacyam sadasattadev.

It is explained as follows.

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