Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 03 ► [03.02] Relativity - The Weakness Of Language

Posted: 11.03.2007

Each object has many attributes. In an atom itself there are many attributes and that, too, opposing pairs of them. To explain infinite attributes at the same time is not humanly possible. Through words, only one attribute or one mode of the object can be described in a said moment. The rest remains infinite. If then we accept one mode as the truth then the infinite unsaid ones will be falsified. Infinite truths get cancelled and only one is accepted. If this is accepted as the whole truth then it is a misconception. This is one of the most common limitations of language that is impossible to overcome. One can think that in one moment if one truth can be expressed, in one's long life all the truths will inevitably find expression. This is a wrong notion. Never has this happened, nor will it ever happen. No one born into this world has, till today, been able to explain the whole truth, nor will he ever be able to. Such a possibility does not even exist. Howmany moments are there in life? How long is one's life? There are very few moments and the time is short. In comparison to the huge world of truth, to the infinite attributes of truth, the lifespan of a man is not even as large as a small droplet of water on a tiny twig. Such a short lifespan and such a large world of truth; it is not even long enough to touch the borders of truth!

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