Abstract Thinking ► 18 ► [18.08] - Anupreksha Of Dutifulness - Dedication To Duty

Posted: 18.03.2007

The first condition of dutifulness is - devotion and wakefulness. A person, who is devoted to the observance of duty, will never be remiss, do anything unjust or become a social parasite. One reason for the lack of dutifulness is the absence of love for the nation. If one's heart is filled with lofty patriotism, no room is left for remissness or negligence to arise. A person has also a duty to his family and to the development of his own character.

The provision of anuvrat pledges for labourers is meant for fostering an awareness of one's duty. A labourer whose life is cultured, who has no vices, who does not gamble, who does not support social evils like child-marriage, death-feasts, etc., who does not misspend his hard-earned money on drinking, cinema and cigarettes, etc., who does not fight shy of working hard and is alive to his responsibilities - such a labourer can never deviate from duty. A life of labour is not only a good way of living, but it also constitutes in itself a great national force. By reinforcing this force with the wealth of character, the anuvrat pledges can impart to a man a unique capability of dutifulness.

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