Abstract Thinking ► 18 ► [18.01] - Anupreksha Of Dutifulness

Posted: 02.03.2007

Dedication to duty is the inspiring power behind good conduct. The man, who is alive to his obligations, saves himself from undesirable action. Whenever he finds himself caught in remissness, his sense of duty becomes his saviour, and he is strongly resolved to follow the true path.

To establish unity among mankind is our foremost duty. The inspiration behind it is the principle of equality. Human unity is implicit in the very diversity of race, colour, language and nationality. The chief cause of relegating human unity into the background is personal ambition and self-importance. The pleasure that a man derives from self-exaltation and prosperity man be justified to some extent. But when it becomes a danger to others, it falls below the universally - accepted standards of fair-play and justice.

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