Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 02 ► [02.08] Mutual Connection - The Success Of Anekanta

Posted: 19.02.2007

If we are able to recognize the thief and the trader hidden within us (where the thief represents stealth and the trader, fair dealings) and if we are able to put the thief to sleep and awaken the trader, then we can successfully bring anekanta to influence our lives.

That is why meditation and spiritual practice are going on. We are involved in this. Without meditation the path of anekanta would not be clear. We meditate so that the facts that are not manifest may become explicit, so as to awaken the dormant trader and to express the unseen facts; to put to sleep the thief, to bring about a change in priorities and hide that which is now prominent and make the hidden, prominent. To displace the person seated on a chair and seat him on the ground and to seat the person from the ground, on the chair.

An advertisement said that a company had some vacancies and that interested persons should apply in person. Many aspirants came. The manager asked them what they wanted to become. One of them said, "I want to be a peon." The other said, "I want to be a clerk." "I want to be a supervisor or an engineer," said some others. Everybody was placed in the comparable positions. One aspirant remained. He was asked what he wanted to become. He replied that he wanted to be the manager. "I want to sit on that chair of yours." What a major aspiration! And it was fulfilled. He became the manager.

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