Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 02 ► [02.05] Mutual Connection - Expressed-Unexpressed

Posted: 10.02.2007

Differences in manifested expressions or those differences that appear on the surface disappear when one looks deeper into the matter or look for the more subtle principles. When the vision is deep then all the rules break. The rules of the manifest world are always different from those of the unexpressed, un-manifested world. The difficulty facing us is that we want to define the unmanifested through the manifested as also define the manifested through the manifested itself. What we forget or do not accept is that this world is a very small one; it is a world of waves. But we never care to look at the large ocean of truth that lies beneath these waves. We base all our understanding of truth purely on the basis of the expressed, manifested world. Anekanta cautions against this. Do not give in to the arrogance of seeking complete truth on the basis of the manifested alone.

Man lives by what he sees and he frames his thoughts on the basis of whatever is expressed within the limits of the perceptions of the present. The self gets attached and he says this is mine. How did you accept that this is yours! Is it the truth! How can it be said that a certain thing is mine! That, which I declare as mine, is my enemy. That which I do not think of as mine is my friend. That which I think is mine has an enemy hidden within it and that which I think is not mine has a friend hidden within it. I am not able to see either of them.

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